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Back in Ohio

I’m finally home.

I flew into Cincinnati International Airport this morning around 7AM and, having left my warm jacket in my duffel bag, immediately remembered why I decided to go to school in California.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more ready for a break than I am right now. That’s not to say that I’m ready for the quarter to end; in the last several weeks, the thought “It’s week 7/8/9 already?” has crossed my mind not infrequently.

It’s the paradox of Stanford time: the average student packs so much into a single day––classes, labs, midterms, meetings, and social events––that it seems time itself must have slowed its inexorable advance to make it all possible, but the relentless pace of the quarter system ushers in so-called “mid-“terms from as early as week 4 to as late as week 9––I had 2 this past week––and finals shadow midterms so closely that no one can explain how the full 10-week quarter slipped away so quickly.

On a more serious note, with the beginning of my Thanksgiving break today also came some good news and some bad news:

The Good: Ohio State defeats Michigan, 21-10. Business as usual.

The Bad: Stanford loses to Cal, 34-28So much for our Rose Bowl fantasies.

Whatever. It’s good to be home.


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