My friend Patrick showed me this website on Friday. It’s a collection of real front-page (table of content, or TOC) figures from scientific papers. Click on the images to see it in situ on the journal’s website.

I can’t believe people manage to publish this stuff…


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4 thoughts on “Really?

  1. Hey Joel, I stumbled on your blog by accident, great work. Would you every consider doing a guest post for “Credibility Jones”?

    • Joel Jean says:

      Hi Jonathan, great to hear from you! Yes, I’d definitely consider writing a guest post. Is that your personal blog? Did you have any particular topic in mind?

      • sort of… I was teaching a class on credibility – that’s the theme. From your posts here it seems like an issue that interests you, so I’d be interested in any meditations about credibility in any context…

  2. Haoran says:

    Joel, after checking out that website, I am now super self-conscious about work that I put out.

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